• Artist Bio:

    Victoria Geuder’s, “Artist Statement”

    In my art in various mediums (stained glass and Mosaic) I attempt and try to bring out the beauty andlife I feel when
    creating the particular subject. My passion and ambition is to bring it to life as best portrayed for others to absorb and hopefully transform my feelings.
    My goal is to create my perceived conceptual thoughts into a permanent work of art. My work is done because I get extreme satisfaction when transforming conceptions into an art piece.
    One of my favorite themes is the exotic beauty of woman of color. The majority is done in mosaic with “Mother of Pearl” background.
    I work mainly with glass either as a mosaic or as stained glass. Some projects are resin or epoxy covered to portray the subject embedded in glass. I started my art venture some ten year ago and mainly exhibit and distribute in western Pennsylvania.

Featured Artwork: