Splishy Splash Craft

Christina Krautz doing her art
  • Artist Bio:

    About Me:

    My name is Christina Krautz and I am Splishy Splash Craft. My mother Sally was an art major and would tell you she is not much of an artist. Although, art was ingrained in us growing up.

    Moving to Wisconsin in 1995, I was lucky enough to be introduced to metalsmithing classes at my new high school. Eighteen years later and living in New York, metalsmithing returned to my life. In 2018, my father got sick, I quit my job, moved home to Pennsylvania, and have continued metalsmithing, improving my skills ever since.

    I tend to have a modern old pawn ascetic due to my love of vintage and turquoise and I hope this gives my jewelry a chance to continue to build its story with you for lifetimes to come.

    About My Products:

    All of my silver jewelry is hand fabricated from sterling silver sheet and wire in my home studio. I fabricate everything right down to the clasps, jump rings, and ear wires. The quality of stones is important to me as I typically work with turquoises. I tend to start with the stone and let it tell me where the design will go. The jewelry is hand sawed and solder together with an acetylene torch. If a piece is hand stamped, I use native made stamps. All stones are custom fit into handmade bezels or prongs. Finally, I form and finish every piece with various hand tools to completion.

    My enamel pieces are started and finished in the same manner as my silver work, by hand fabrication. Although the enameling process also includes that every enamel piece is fired multiple times in my kiln over top of the hand fabricated copper. They are then finished with handmade sterling silver findings and accents.

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