About Us

The Oil City Arts Council (OCAC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the visibility of community cultural institutions and organizations and facilitating the development of community artists. Our purpose is to promote and foster the public interest and appreciation of all the arts. In seeking to support the arts, the Oil City Arts Council will endeavor to promote dance, theater, music, films and video, creative writing, poetry, painting, sculpture and other forms of the visual arts. To this end, the OCAC will organize, sponsor and facilitate concerts, lectures and workshops for the benefit of the entire Oil City Community and the Oil Region – children, young adults, families, and seniors.
The Oil City Arts Council, established in 1993, has also been known as the Oil City Arts and Culture Commission since 2010. The council is an entity of the City of Oil City government. The City’s Bureau of Planning and Community Development provides staff support to the Arts Council. The Council provides cultural programming to the region with the support of both the public and private sectors. The Council also interacts and cooperates with other arts-related organizations in the area.