Bill Hankins

  • Artist Bio:

    I began to learn how to use a potter’s wheel in 1971. For one year at Grove City College and then for two years at Slippery Rock State College, I was part of the student art experience. Forty years later, I began again to learn use the wheel at the Oil Creek Earthworks studio in Oil City.
    The work I produce is mostly functional, container based, wheel thrown pottery. I enjoy making pottery that I envision others using in their daily lives. I consider my work an expression of craft. I try to create work that is useful, with an eye to classic forms. I borrow ideas from potters old and new. The kiln I use in Oil City is an electric kiln, leading to fairly predictable results.
    I have been fortunate to be able to fire some of my work in the wood fired kiln at Clarion University for a few years. I have also fired some pieces in a barrel firing. The results of the fuel and flames on the pieces in both of these firings are much more unpredictable and in some cases spectacular.

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