LPM Lineman’s Porcelain & Painted Memories

Linda in front of some of her porcelain artwork
  • Artist Bio:

    Hi~ I’m Linda Lineman, artist and owner of Lineman’s Porcelain & Painted Memories.

    I was married in 1971 to Carl & I am happy to say he is my strongest supporter. It was then I started painting ceramics, wood and slates with acrylic. In 1980 I started a class in China Painting with “Sug” Yvonne Klapec. That class began my lifelong appreciation of one of the oldest, technical, time-consuming arts: Oil Painting on Porcelain. I can paint on Porcelain in all forms & sizes: dinnerware, plaques, lamps, vases, jewelry & much, much more.

    I enjoy taking photos of God’s beauty & use my photos to design the projects. I chose to specialize in this art because of its beauty in the translucency of overglaze colors, painted in smooth layers & kiln fired. It is critical that you get all the highlights & reflective lights on the first firing, if they are lost, they are gone forever. The more intricate the design, the more firings required.

    In November 2007 I was the first artist to open a studio in the Historic National Transit Annex Building, #2M. I expanded to teaching classes & opened a second studio #2N.I enjoy creating custom orders.

    In 2016 I started designing & selling pattern packets for both acrylic and porcelain painters. My art has been published in the International Porcelain Artist Magazine, Painting World Magazine & Pixelated Palette Online Magazine and Blog. I am currently President of PA Porcelain Artist, The W. PA Porcelain Artist, & Town & Country Decorative Painters clubs.

    I continue to expand my knowledge & techniques in both arts by attending schooling, seminars & conventions every year.
    Thank you for your interest and support. Linda Lineman

Featured Artwork:

  • PipeLine Alley Print

    Description: 16 x 20″ Print signed & numbered, limited to 20. available with black or wheat mats

    Price: $80.00

  • Fall’s Beauty Porcelain Vase

    Description: Vase done in wipe out technique & enhanced with gold spiders & webs

    Price: $220.00

  • Ruby & White Roses

    Description: Framed 8 x 10″ Porcelain Tile with Ruby & White Roses

    Price: $0.00